Story: How I Lost A 150k Per Month Job because of a Cockroach Episode 1


​Story written by ClassCaptain

​I walked majestically into the venue of the interview ,no 17 gucci close off puppihush street, port Harcourt , Rivers state , west Africa at about 9 45am GMT +1 that fateful day. My ears plunged into Small doctor’s Penalty.

GBE GBE ri GBE ri GBE , GBE GBE re GBE re GBE ..oya GBE GBE ri GBE ri GBE..if you know get ….. The melodious music blasted into cochlea via my 250 naira white apple earpiece which I have been managing with one ear working for the last two months.

My okrika shoes been dey shine well well, as i polished am well with the combination of kiwi and lude black polish. The previous day i gave God’s will cobbler, the shoe maker in front of where I live to mend the front part which had developed tear and potholes like the ilorin- jebba road and the quack cobbler who had probably return from his usual drinking spot after gulping 12 bottle of ogogoro and agbara went ahead to used a brown thread on my black konkon shoe ….Thank GOD for the black polish that I use to manage the situation like Nigeria is managing her president. Only God know how person for day wear that kind shoe about now..

i held Broda tunde ‘s Ministry of agriculture annual conference suitcase tightly,haven washed it thoroughly. Throughout my journey on the bike, i held tight to the briefcase as if it was my life.. Some ignorant thieves might mistake the briefcase to contain some valuables or money especially considering the way i was elegantly dressed and my overall swagu… Broda tunde warned me severely that the briefcase belonged to his father and it must not be lost nor damaged. me too when am.not mad.. I secured the briefcase and gave it close marking because na their I keep my documents wey resemble the name of mo hits first compilation album.

My vintage tie was exceptionally beautiful… The cream tie with ankara design matched well with my ralph “lurent” shirt that i soaked in starch for three days… Finally , my well ironed trousers and suit which even had standing gaitors coupled with the three different aboki perfs that I released on my body made me very confident concerning my dressing. i don killthe show alreadi with my dressing jor..Even kcee no fit dress pas s this.

..Infact i was feeling myself already.. Too much tools, too much jobs..

, i just couldn’t wait for the interview to be over so i could get the job, return the tie to airforce1 , the suit nwamaikpe and shirt and trousers to seun osewa ..I hope seun is not annoyed when I return his clothes because I had to slim fit the trousers that looked like a bag of white beans .. He will forgive me noni. At least if i finally get this job, i will be able to buy all these things on my own and stop borrowing them to every interview. ..I can probably buy the trousers and shirt off from him ma self.

Bike, drop me here..I said to the bikeman as I removed the palm oil stained better life from my pocket and handed it to the okada man..

God be with me….

***To be Continued***

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