Social media tips: 7 Things You Must Never Put Up On Facebook


Social media tips: 7 Things You Must Never Put Up On Facebook
Here is a post which is set to give you the top 7 things you must never put up on facebook.

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world today, and though it comes with a lot of positives, there are also some bad sides of this platform.

To gain more on this platform, you have to use Facebook rightly, this is why you have to know the do’s and dont’s of Facebook. Checkout the below list of things you should never post on Facebook.

  1. Your current location: There are location services on our smartphones, which means that many people know where you live including those that may wish to harm you. Please turn off your location.
  2. Where Your Child/Family Member Goes To School: Do not put the name of your child’s school on Facebook. Frequent offenders are prowling the internet for such information that might put your child at risk.
  3. Work related post: Some people today lose their jobs because of Facebook posts. As a professional you should be careful of what you post, or better still you should remove your boss, to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  4. Relationship Status: Matters about your relationships are better kept private. It may not work out, and the consequent change from “in a relationship” to “single” might make you feel worse than you already do.
  5. When You Are Going On Holiday: Though holiday pics are cool, but putting your holiday plans on Facebook is not a good idea. This can be used against you as burglars can choose that time to rob your house.
  6. Pictures of your ATM card: So many people do this, perhaps to flaunt, or just because they feel good about it, but in truth this is never a good idea as the number on your card can be used to defraud you.
  7. Pictures of your Boarding Pass: Taking a photo of your boarding pass, is a way to show off. But it could have serious consequences, the barcode on your boarding pass can be used to find private information about you.

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