Snapchat not interested in expanding in “poor countries like India and Spain” – Snapchat Founder


The alleged statements of Snapchat head Evan Spiegel that said that the app wasn’t interested in expanding in “poor countries like India and Spain” led to a lot of backlash. Memes, messages and social media status saw Indian netizens take on the app-makers, saying that they would not want to have the app anymore and even posting snapshots of their screens saying that they are going to delete the app. There have been denials from the US-based app company about this comment. But, these seemed too late, because messages with the hashtag ‘#BoycottSnapchat’ trended for quite a few hours on social media, given the many messages by Indian netizens.

Actors lead the way

Many celebrities put up pictures of them deleting the app on their phones. One such was multilingual actress Vishakha Singh . The actress posted a snapshot of her mobile screen that showed her deleting the app and shared it on her social networking pages.

Jadeja ‘s sixer

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja ‘s tweet about how to delete the application went viral, with many retweets and likes. Many meme pages also took snapshots of the tweet and converted them into memes to ensure its visibility.

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