Short Story: The Last Trip Down The West 9

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Mary continued to cry despite her conscious efforts to stop. She realised that her eyes seemed to have developed a will of their own. She was feeling very miserable. “ why why why!!”
She found herself moaning. But eventually, she calmed down. She went into the bathroom and started to wash her face.
Right at the sink, she decided that she could not stay in a
house like this. She had to go. She could not watch a man
treat his child like this. She just couldn’t. She washed her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She blinked twice in a bit to get the last of the water out of her eyes.
“ i have had enough, i cant stay here. This is so messed up”
She said aloud to the mirror.
“ where will you go Mary and why are you going?”
Mary jumped and nearly jumped out of her skin. How did this little devil always manage to move around so silently and catch her unawares? She forced a smile and said to him ..
“you’re awake little bugger. How was the sleep?” He looked at her with one nose crinkled. He wasn’t buying what she was selling, he was not about to switch to another topic.
“where will you be going to, and why will you be going? Can i come?”
“duke I’m not going anywhere” he shook his head and pursed his lips.
“ you are lying. You eyes are swollen. Are they hurting? Are you going to see the optician?”
Mary couldn’t help laughing. How difficult could it be for
anyone to see that she had been crying? Her eyes were still wet and red and swollen from all the crying. It occurred to her that it should have been his first guess that she was crying and not that her eyes were malfunctioning. What was it with this boy anyway? why did he seem so cut off from the rest of the world? why did he seem to be absolutely oblivious of emotions? she supported herself with the bathroom cabinet and came up. come with me little Oga, we need to get you something to drink.” she said as she subconsciously reached out for his hand. she was just about to withdraw it, remembering how much he hated to be touched but his little hand curled around her thumb before she could. Mary was surprised. this boy was a
bag of surprises and it pained her that she was practically the only one seeing it.
“did my daddy agree that we should change the times on the clock?”
he asked as he go back onto the room.
“yes” Mary said without hesitation. she wasn’t about to tell the boy what had really transpired outside. will you tell me more of your story now?” he asked, looking up
at her with that baby faced look. Do you want me to? ”
” yes”
okay … listen. she said as she picked him up and dropped him. in the middle of the bed. she then sat down beside
him and started again..

Written by Nancy Olakunle

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