Short Story: The Last Trip Down The West 2

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The streets looked the same, more or less. After nearly thirteen years of living in different parts of Lagos, she now knew everywhere. Or at least, some of everywhere. She watched as the streets moved past the car ever so slowly. The hold up on the mainland bridges could try the patience of a monk!

“Bread!! Bread!!!” one guy was shouting and running after the cab like a crazy person. mary smiled and looked to her left. a young man of about eighteen was holding a mixture of windshield wipers and car chargers. His zipper was open and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Mary did not look away. She gazed at the open fly until both the guy and his war cry like shouts of “car charger!!” had faded.

When her “uncle told the driver to turn left, Mary realised that she had been in that part of town before. What was it six years? She noticed that quite a few things had taken on new looks. The streets brought back memories. Deep rooted unsettling memories that she thought she had buried away successfully. Mary shook her head… “No no no” she muttered to herself.

“I will not think about anything. i will not remember anything!”

The attempt to blank out was futile. The memories flooded in and her eyes started to burn. She didn’t even know when the car stopped.


She started. She looked around to see who was calling her. Not that she needed to. The voice was her uncle’s.
Do u want to sleep in the car or what?”

Sorry” she muttered quietly as she struggled out of the car, still clutching her bag. Her “uncle” grabbed her hand and pulled her up the walkway that led to a gigantic mansion.

Almost as if he was afraid that she would run away at any moment. He walked up to the gate and pressed the door bell.

Mary sneezed

Her “uncle” looked at her as if he would break her head but ignored her. He stretched out his hand to touch the bell again but the gate swung open. Taken aback a little bit, he took a minute to walk into the compound. The gates swung shut once they were inside and Mary took a deep breath. Finally, her last journey down west was beginning. She clutched her bag and waited for the series of event which she already had memorized. Her employer stepped out of the house, Mary smiled as their eyes met.

Nice to meet you!” she thought. The rest of the following events just blurred out from there.
To be continued….

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