See How Much Nigerian Senators Receives Per Month (2018 Update)


Many Nigerians home and abroad want to know the actual amount Nigerian Senators earn monthly, due to the huge amount members of the upper chamber earn monthly, they have kept this figures secret.

We all know that the Nigerian Senators earn as high or even more than the President of the United State of America.

The amount of money we use to maintain our government is Nigeria is too high, and tells on the economy of the country. Apart from the high salary of this officials they still find one way or the other to steal some public funds and milk the country dry.

Lets go into the details of the monthly earnings of Nigerian Senator..

How did we know the Salary Structure of Nigerian Senators?

Senator Shehu Sani, who represents Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, has revealed how much lawmakers receive every month. We all know he has been having issues with the party and govt so he most likely let the cat out of the bag out of grudge.

So how much do Nigerian Senators earn monthly

Senator Shehu Sani disclosed that Nigerian lawmakers receive N13.5 million monthly as “running cost” in addition to a N700,000 monthly consolidated salary and allowances.

Woah, we won’t like to imagine how much they earn all through their time. No wonder some of them never want to leave the upper chamber.

How much do Nigerian Senators get as Constituency allowance?

Get stunned!!! Nigerian Senators get N200 million for constituency projects, and I wonder if they use one percent of that on any project.

If you do the maths on how much Nigerian Senators earn yearly, then you’d see there is no sense in it. They are more like gods we are taking care of.

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