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Weird: Secondary School Student Writes Love Letter To Female Teacher, Says Her Beauty Is Killing Him

You think you have seen it all? Well, weird things keep happening on a daily. This young lad decided to take the bull by the horn, and asked his teacher out. Well, the letter is all bit of hilarious, especially the fact that his English is special.

The prospective teacher, identified as Chioma U. Jane, took to her facebook wall to share photos of the love letter that was sent to her by a male student during her teaching practice, and we cant help but have a laugh at the student.

According to Chioma, the letter was placed on her table and she couldn’t believe the content, so she decided to share it on the popular social media platform.

She wrote;

“Umunnem just negodi what I saw on my table yesterday..
Umuazi kita don’t have respect bikonu..
My teaching practice story ”

Read the letter below;

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