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Opinion: How long can we blame the old hag when the young ones have sold their rights?

How long can we blame the old hag when the young ones have sold their rights?

I have thousands of slurs up in my head towards Buhari (who is not worthy to be called President), but the truth is the youths are also as guilty as he is.

Buhari yesterday with the whole world watching said the larger percentage of Nigerian youths are LAZY and not ready to work.

This was coming from a President who just last week found a way to blame the late Gadaffi for the rogue Fulani herdsmen crisis in some parts of Nigeria.

I wasn’t surprised by this, not a bit, I have gotten used to his dumb speeches.

The truth remains is, many Nigerian youths are at fault for the way we are being governed in Nigeria.

When you discover that so many JOBLESS NIGERIAN YOUTHS, who the system has failed and put in a state of dilemma, find pleasure in begging for data subscription money from their relatives, only to come online to hail and support the cause of their misfortune, then you know a lot of heads needs to be checked.

If I decided to analyse how the government has systematically put in place a system that would fail the masses, especially the youths, then I might have to write a 100,000 words article.

The educational system in Nigeria is in shambles, and only prepares a lot of people for unemployment. The system is so decadent that it is now so so normal for graduates to be unemployed after the NYSC.

Or don’t you know a N20k salary job is now likened to a blessing in Nigeria?

Like I said earlier, most of us, Nigerian youth have sold our rights for recharge card, N5,000, or even cooked rice at polling units, so we have little or nothing to say.

Until we look at the mirror take a deep look at ourselves, and make a decision to never again be taken for granted by the old hags, then perhaps we can hope for better days ahead.

Updated: April 19, 2018 — 8:52 am

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