NYSC Now Post Corpers Abroad To Serve. See Why Here (Video)

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wp 1490309850347 - NYSC Now Post Corpers Abroad To Serve. See Why Here (Video)

NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) normally posts Nigerian graduates from both local and foreign tertiary institutions to various designations with Nigeria.

But, there has been a sudden trend of corpers being sighted abroad. First, it was corper wearing NYSC sighted in the United States, then another was seen in the UK. What is going with Youth service? Does NYSC now post corpers abroad to serve?

The News throws more light on this. The Director General of NYSC has explained that corpers who are posted to the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be eligible to carry out their Youth service abroad in ay country of their choice, except for Ghana. Really? There is really an opportunity for corpers to serve abroad.

All you need to get posted to Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Current serving corpers react to this news, while graduates tell The News what they think of the new development. What do you think about NYSC posting corpers abroad to serve?

Watch Video Below:

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    This issue of serving abroad is scarm coper beware!!!

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