Nigerian Story: The Last Trip Down The West 13

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picsart 1453826285935 - Nigerian Story: The Last Trip Down The West 13

She was getting the children ready for iced cream. Uncle Tade had come back from his station and like he always did, he wanted to take the children out for iced cream. When they were ready, she had walked all three of them out to meet their uncle. He had taken one look at her and said. “ go dress up, you’re coming with us.” She walked into the house with heavy feet. She had not forgotten what had happened the last time he had come.
Even though the physical pain was gone, somehow she could still feel it. She remembered what it felt like and how she felt. She still felt hollow, empty. As if something in her stomach had been taken away and it was now leaving a vacuum in her. She had nightmares about drowning in the canal and each time, as she sank into the bottom of the water, she would feel the thrust of that object go through her.

The sharp pain would come and the bleeding would start. As she came back out, she was dressed just as usual. The fairly used dress that madam had bought her some weeks back. The dress didn’t look used at all, it was pretty and figure flattering. He kept on looking at her, not taking his eyes off, stripping her, violating her with his eyes. Her heart started to pound and she could feel fear settling on her shoulders and making her feet heavy on the floor. She consoled herself with the presence of the children. He wouldn’t do anything while they were there, she knew that. So she took deep breaths and calmed herself. At the iced cream stand, the three children got vanilla flavor.

“what will the lady have?”

The iced cream man had asked Tade looked at her, with that burning look in his eyes he said “ she will have chocolate. A big chocolate cone!” Then he turned to the children and said “wait for us in the car darlings, Mary and I will do a little shopping before we go home.”

The chocolate iced cream melted in the cup. Mary’s heart panicked. But she calmed herself. “ run away now! Hit him in the balls and run away!” She kept saying But she didn’t. When he gestured towards the bathroom, she followed him. When he gestured for her to kneel, she did and when he took the iced cream from her and poured over himself…

“Its yours… a big nice chocolate bar… gobble it all up.” When she hesitated, he reached out and grabbed her head, he pushed himself into her mouth and growled something about killing her if she didn’t start eating immediately. .. “I have to tell my madam about this…” She thought. But she knew she wouldn’t.

“MARY!!!” She jumped and looked down at the little boy pulling her arm off. “Yea?” It came out in a gaspy whisper “ will these do?” He asked.

Turning aroundin the clothes he had obviously chosen. He had somehow managed to get them on. Yes… yes its good.” She said as she watched herself on her knees, sucking away at the chocolate. “duke?”

“ yea?”

“ please don’t take chocolates” “okay.”

To be Continued soon…

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