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Never Marry A Nigerian Guy Who Has The Following 12 Habits

Never Marry A Nigerian Guy Who Has The Following 12 Habits kikiotolu

  1. A Guy Who Never Listens To Reply But Always Cuts You Off In The Middle Of Conversation.
  2. A Guy Who Doesn’t Make You Wet, Cum And Experience Multiple Orgasm. But Always Walks Around Like The Alpha Male.
  3. A Guy Who Is Not Caring But Only Concern About What He Wants And Gets From You.
  4. A Guy Who Always Proclaim Himself As “Perfect” And Never Admits That He His Wrong.
  5. A Guy Who Is Fund Of Always Making And Breaking Promises. .
  6. A Guy Who Is Always Narrow Minded And Makes You Always Feel Like The Fifth Wheel.
  7. A Guy Who Masturbates, Cums Too Fast, And Always Like Other Girls Photos On Social Media.
  8. A Guy Who Always Abuses You Verbally, Emotionally And Physically. Please Quit The Relationship And Seek Help Before It Turns Into Story That Touches. .
  9. A Guy Who Is Not Respectful And Nice To Your Family Members.
  10. A Guy Who Is Always Threatened That You May Succeed Better Than Him And Doesn’t Support Your Ideas And Career.
  11. A Guy Who Is Always Glued To His Phone, Gadgets And Doesn’t Give You His Attention Except For Whenever He Want’s To Have S*x.
  12. A Guy Who Is Too Attach To You. Chances Is That He May Overdo It, Become Too Jealous Which Could End Up Ruining

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