Must Read Story: My Life As A Yahoo Boy Episode 9


If you missed Episode 8, read it HERE

The next day I took bro ola’s lappy along with me to GRA.
Met the guys watching film on their systems.
I said, “you guys eh, you don’t even hustle much, me Wey dey converse with maye 247, am not making doe up to you guys, woss wobi today na today, I don set o”

They were just laughing and they continued with their movie.
That pissed me die, I was like, “no be person I just talk to?”

I just went close to them and closed the lid of their lappy, bosun now said we would go by afternoon make I no spoil his movie jae ”

I approach krissh, switched on my Pc

Me : Bobo, can I see the formats you do use?

Krissh : I don’t do dating, I do goods and apartments

Me : sho ! Have never been interested in dealing with goods and the likes, but i guess since I have you, now is an avenue for me to learn it

Krissh : learner ni, I no get your time jae

Me : woss if don’t teach me, i go frustrate your life for here oh, na only you wan dey make money, don’t be selfish Nigga!

Krissh : OK OK. But definitely not today.

Me : now you are making sense Nigga

Time – 2pm

B.B : guy it’s time, Let’s move

We went to his car, and he drove me to one with garment church at the river side.

When we got there, we were told to wait that the primate would be with us soon, I just decided to look around, I noticed the SENTENCE, national head quarters world wide, I just smiled to myself, na this small church be nation head quarters shio. While looking around, I saw one woman washing the head of another woman with the local sponge, and she was holding a white candle and praying forb5he other woman, I just switched my attention back to my phone and started chatting.

Few minutes later the woman washing someone’s head outside came to join us. I was like so this woman is the primate of this church hmmm.

Bosun greeted her and i follow suit z the woman was just showering us with Prayer

B.B : maami, this the guy I told you about on the phone, we are in the same line of business xender he needs your help in boosting his wealth..

Primate : hmmmmn ngbo, boy whats the name, [now refering to me]

Me : it’s iphekitan MA

Primate : is that the name you gave yourself or the one your mum gave you?

Me : the one I named myself MA, actually my mum named me ifeoluwa, so I just decided to tush it up.

Primate : hmmmmn you kids of nowadays, do you know what your mum saw before giving you the name, well sha na you sabi.

Me : OK ma

Primate : OK Bosun you can leave us now, let me have a one on one conversation with your friend [Bosun went back to the car, next thing, the woman just draw her chair close to me, i was like why the close marking.

The primate looked straight into my eyes, and said Let’s pray, we prayed, after some couple of minutes. She said I would have to spend seven days confined on the church premises, fasting and praying ,on my mind I was like, ” for where?, what excuse would I give them at home “.

I told her to give me time to think about it. Then went back to meet bosun by the car, he didn’t even ask about the outcome of what I and the primate disscussed.

When We got home, we met krissh flexing with two babes. We greeted them and have our sit in the living room. I guess the girls weren’t free in our presence so krissh took them to his room and came back.

Krissh : mister, how far? How was the place you went to?

Me : woss the woman was just telling me trash jae, she said I would have a 7days fasting and Prayer and during the 7days I would be confined in the church premises, isn’t that ridiculous? .

Krissh : restricted ke, oh boy Let’s go to my Alfa this evening, his sure than all this while garment geeks

Me : I would prefer that, because the highest number of days I fasted for was three days ans I do break by 12pm then.

Krissh : Holla me when it’s five, we would headout by then, for now which one of those babes you saw with me are you interested in.

Me : I guess the light

Krissh : you guess?

Me : the light one!

Krissh : you want her because she’s light or because she’s thick and loaded

Me : na u sabi, any mean is edible

Krissh : OK she’s gonna be with you in a jiffy

Krissh went back in,
I turned my gaze to bosun and he was already asleep. Smh lazy Buttocks, the girl came to meet me in the living room. She introduced herself as bridget. We were just gist for the first five minutes because am not used to physical parols with girls. Along the line she was petting my face with her hands and looking into my eye balls directly. I guess she was giving me a head on, I didn’t waste time, I grabbed her face and stucked my mouth into hers our lips found each other, and we started having a French kiss, smh a girl am seeing for the first time.

We were so much in the mood that we forgot about the sleeping bosun, we were almost unclad, caressing each other, she was moaning, thou I was yet to enter the place, I guessed the noise woke bosun.

B.B : ooh, you people won’t let person sleep this afternoon [ he threw a key at me] Abeg carry ya Bytch go inside jawe, no mess up this place for me.

Like superman I carried the bae into one of the rooms.. Well Yeah we had a nice time sha….. Guess you understand what happened indoor.
Later someone banged the door from outside

Me : who is that please?

Krissh : alaye, your own 5pm neva reach.

I checked my wristwatch and lo and behold I was 5:30pm on dot.
I hurried to dress, chai kitty catty won’t get in the way of my sucess.

Me : give me some minutes please, ain’t you the one who put me in this position.

The bae was still sleeping, I guessed she must have been exhausted from the powerful match we played.
I later went to join krissh in the living room, so we rolled out to his Alfa’s place.

To be continued soon…

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