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Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 8

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​I opened the message and she said she was really sorry for the delay because she went out but now she is back then she even apologised for not picking my calls, instantly my mind cooled down i changed up my dress and wore my latest new dress atleast the way you are been address is just liking to the way you are dressed, i bath my self with half of the perfume i was having at home to the extent if i appear at 100 to where a bees are the will trace it down.

I took the gift went to her house she was staying at obalende lagos island, there house was one of the biggest of all in that estate with a gate man, and a very mighty gate.

I got to the estate and called her then she picked at a ring then she told me to wait she would come and pick me within seconds i saw my angel coming from like about 50m away then i tushed up my self we went into the building her friends where at home then a cousin of hers and her younger brother, this boy can question ehn, but i wsnt really confortable which she noticed then she asked us to go to the room i gladly oblige we went straight to the room then she told her maid to serve me some wine but i said water will be good i was just turning my head mehn this house na semi paradise the elegance alone was enough to sweep you off your feet to the ground it was so superb and magical.

I handed her some of the stuff i bought for her, what i tot she would not accept she valued it she was just taking it like as if it was an egg just the way village girls do she baptised me with kisses and we kissed before we knew it we already going into another dimension of romance before we heard a knock on the door, we asked who was it the person just said food was ready we went to the dinning to eat.

It was rice garnished with chicken then checking my time it was almost 6 she wanted me to stay some more but i thought about the hold ups and everything then i said net time i will try and spend some time with her she took me in her car we went straight to v.island to silverbird galleri to watch movies i only watch one movie and told her i was late need to go home to prepare for Monday.

We left there she drove me down to oyingbo from there i boarded bus down to my place even before getting home she called me to inquire if i am already gotten home then i told her in a little while finally i got home late at night seun was already asleep and i was damn tired i couldn’t eat because i was not really hungry due to the food and the treat we went to.

I placed a call to her just to notify i was at home then she picked we talked till 12 to the extent i never knew when the i slept while on call and the phone fell off from my hand, wow things has really changed in my life and i wasn’t the zeus i used to know indeed love was magical all i knew now was just jenny and jenny and jenny i don’t tend to night classes any more, ecept if seun dragged me or force me some times i and seun do have little quarrel over it and arguement but i no send even at home i don’t read at nights the way i usually do instead i used my night to call jenny it was even by the grace of God i had only one carry over at the second semester i wonder if God hasn’t helped mehn mybe na like 5 i for get, jenyny on the had bribed her way through seun was going higher still i don’t care, until one certain time something disappointing happend while i was in 300lvl..

Just in zeus went home kind of sad about his result, he was wondering what was wrong because jenny who he has been with got upper grade, as he was thinking the shout of joy from seun bursting into his apartment brought him back to life.

“guy how far wetin you score bro, this one wey you just down like this abi your mama don offend you” seun declared, zeus just entered the kitchen dished out food sat on the reading table and begin to eat.

“omo you no answer me, well I checked mine and I got 4 distinctions and the rest was a C” Seun said before entering the kitchen to dish out the food.

Things became more sad for zeus but as a guy he felt all will be better. He took up his phone dial jenny’s line she picked up and he told her they will be meeting at the school field.

She said ok. After eating he told seun he wanted to see jenny that he will be back. He got to where she is, jenny always glittering in her own beauty came down to where they normally meet though she wasn’t happy seeing him that way but all she could say was “things will be ok”, he smiled then they were more lighter they talked about the result and how the new semester will be, zeus told her they need to put in little effort.

Then she said ok. So they went to a little fast food to take dinner together, jenny drove zeus back to his place of abode, when he got home seun was preparing to go and watch champions league match between psg and man. City, just to make things fun zeus followed suite on their way to the viewing center zeus expalained to seun all that is happening though seun blamed him a little about allowing his emotion to take over him but what can a man do??

So he promised to help zeus develop back to who he was, and zeus who was highly and intellectually sound quickly grabbed things he is being thought……
To be continued…..

Updated: November 4, 2017 — 3:15 pm

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