Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 5


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It was 9 am in the morning just the normal lagos we used to know different kinda people walking up and down the street from one point to the other some hustling for public transport, secondary and primary student going to school clique by cliques this made me remember my secondary school days and my friends we are stuck in a traffic at national stadium surulere, then my uncle told me that in lagos Monday was a special day where by everybody minds is or her own business stirving for how the week would be especially the business classes because monday is a day that determines how your entire week will look like, after much time wasted just 30min in the hold up we drove through a place i learnt was ojuelegba the city that never sleeps then were already on our way to yaba, when we got to yaba my uncle me to akoka then we got to unilag at about 11, there i saw things i have never seen big and huge classes, different dormains we went straight to my department did the neccesarry regristration and clearance, then i was given a matric number during the course of this registration then i saw jenny(if you can remember a girl i met at the park).

I first of all doubted my eyes she was also there in the school don’t know if she was a prospective student but we would find out latter, after little time wasted my uncle went to an office to see someone then from there we came home back cus lectures have not started it was just registration week so we headed home.

While in the car i was wondering what i saw and was just thinking if my instinct was correct well i a bit trusted it sha and getting home i went straight to my room to freshen up same as my uncle his wife cooked and we all sat ddown in the palour and ate,and after eaten then i joined my uncle at the balcony to discuss issues with him, then he ask if i would be staying in the hostel or rent my own apartment closer to the school like other student, this razed up a bit arguement between my uncle and my aunt which was my uncles wife then we all concluded i will rent my own house then i left them went into the room to arrange my luggage’s for school.

After much work and arguement we started a searched for house then i saw one self contain with kitchen bath room and toilet it was ok i loved it and it was conducive for me then ing a phone when i got home my uncle bought me a new nokia phone i was happy getting a pone was as if i had diamond i thanked then but he saaid whenever if you need anything just call mei though it was a bye to love life but his jenny keep thinking if what iwas thinking or imaginations was true,i rested parked my load to the car pending the nex day i thaught going to school how will it be in full anticipation. I ate my dinner as usual i went in slept off still in anticipation but i was just nervous then he said showed him how ready i was for school.

I was also checking out my new phone you know how it s whenever you getting something you want for long…………………………

I finally settled in school lectures commenced and things started getting busy as a 100lvl fresher i am trying to adapt to life in the university because the mentality of secondary school was still in my head though, frist lectures came by i attended there i met my first friend name seun, we started rolling together we were more of the same cliques after lectures that first lectured for the day because we had another one in the afternoon so we decided to move on to the cafeteria to eat something when i bumped into a girl and i was surprise to see who she was it was jenny, i said my sorry she was a bit harsh and as she wanted leaving i was about holding her but i was kinda shy to do so because of the environment then i left her, then seun started telling me she was one of the hottest chick in the campus that her dad has one oil company that i shouldn’t near there o……. so then i explained to seun telling him how i met her at the park when i landed in lagos, then he was like i should just walk up to her letting her know whats up, then i was like am afraid to do so then he said if you truly want something you go for it.

We went for second lectures on our way to grab a shuttle to the gate where i will take a bus to my house i heard a car horned at my back on loking back the person instructed me to hop him but i was reluctant to do so, cus i fear lagos o then i neared the car i saw it was jenny i was so surprised then she asked me where i was heading to, i told her i was going towards bariga.that was how we met o though while i was in the car i wasn’t feeling comfortable but i tried my best to comport my self, we drove past different places we finally reached the front of my hauz, then as i wanted parking she said my face looks familiar that she thinks she lnows me from somewhere then i made a smile and said she was absolutely correct that we met at ojota park, then she laffed and said wow so she asked for my department then i told her i never knew we were in the same department then i asked and told her i didn’t see her in class that day then she told me she just concluded her clearance that she would fully be in school the next week i said ok then we said our good bye then i alighted and went straight inside.

The next day i told seun all that happened the previous day then then he was now like oya baba o wetin dey on point now then i said nothing much i just dey on low key ni o, and moreover i don’t have any plans for any girl due to what i faced from sarah and ifeoluwa.

Seun was a guy just like me but the different was that he was fully born and brought up in lagos he was a guy that does not really likes girls so i think we were perfectly matched though he stayed in the hostel and me i stayed off campus so we do things together roll together read together but the only different was that he stayed in campus but he spent most of his time with me in my house sometimes passes the night we were just like brothers and seun was a type who jokes alot even to things tha weren’t funny but well still lke him though because he was a serious type but he likes food.

Back to the story…………..

To Be Continued…

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