Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 4


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I turned around and i saw sarah in her leggings gown she look beautiful but the hatred in me has burnt down the beauty so she look more uglier than a monster then i gave her a stern look that inscribe what do you want? Then i asked her what she wanted then she said she just wanted to have a word with me i told her i wasn’t interested that i had alot to do and catch my fun then i turned back to go then she held my hand knelt down and started sheding tears telling me she was sorry, she wasn’t patient enough that if she had known she would have never given henry the chance and stick with me now her education is ruined she has low grades and she was been promoted on trial, that she would have stayed with me instead using me and now she was the one that lost, i felt pity for her but i still cared less then i told her have forgiven her, then she stood up and wished me good luck in all i would lay my hands on she wanted given me a kiss but i declined and left her at that position and went straight to where my friends were. 

She just remained where she was staring at me but me i don’t give a Shtt about any body cus i felt i worth no lady tears so them too they don’t even worth my feelings life goes on.

After we left school i went to check my result i made all my pappers have 3 A and 3 C AND 2 B 1 D in my waec result i was so happy finally so i will soon be writing jamb i showed my parent they were happy the day i went to school to get my testimonial certificate i saw sarah this time she had change she had this innocent look on her face she was even surprise to see me i went in and broke the news to my principal and it was announce in the school, and everybody was happy but looking at sarah face i could read from her face that she was full of regret and still had that pity for her but i still stood on my grounds and did as if i never knew her as i was already at the gate i heard my name turning back to see who it was then i saw it was sarah then she still appologise and told me she regretted ever doing what she did that if she had known, she wouldn’t have followed him now he has left school and she repeated still he never cared that he only used her to get what he want. 

I never knew what went into my head my shrunked and i told her never to worry we all make wrong decision in life and she has made hers that what was next was just to amend the mistake we have made in life and ensure never to make such mistake but i still told her that am happy it all happened because it brought out the best in me, that since that day i knew every disappointment was a blessing, i felt disappointed that day, i felt cheated and i felt neglected but i was happy it brought the best in me and now am on my way one of the best university in Nigeria and i just made of the best result because the incident of that day brought and unleashed the beast in me.

So i told her she could use her mistake and turn it to be a path to success by not letting it weigh her down rather let it be a challenge to her success then she smiled still tears rolling from her eyes but i felt she was satisfied by that answer then she asked me if i could help her pass her waec then i laughed and accepted, ever since then she always been visiting my home for turorials and everything about her change then i noticed she was gradually coming up and she was getting things together and i was impressed.

Utme (jamb) was here and i sat for it, i made it and passed my cut off mark gain admission into unilag to study financial accounting, have always wanted to be a banker so i opted in for accounting then i had to leave my home town then sarah was already preparing for her wassce which was in week time she wished me good luck then i bade her good bye then she promised me she would surely make her result and i said amen then i left her for the park…..

After 5 hours on my enormous journey to a wonderland called Lagos the centre of excellence and the heart of Nigeria, where there are many crowded people noises every where, different sort of people funny, boring, and sturborn some gentle i got to the park around 2 in the afternoon cus we left osun around 7 though we met few hold ups on our way, i was waiting for my uncle to come and pick me up cus this is virtually my second time here in lagos though the first time i was very little so i guess i was more like a jjc in lagos, if you don’t know jjc means Johnny just come its a term in Lagos used for new comers, i sat at a closure that place was more like a canteen still waiting at the park which i over heard some one on phone who was describing the name of the park and said its ojota motor park not less than few minuite while waiting for my uncle a girl was just there shouting at the driver who brought her, i never knew what warranted the quarrel at the long run they parted and with the anger she sat by my side still nagging i just kept quiet then i heard someone called her i can vidvidly remember the name, her name was jenny then she turned around and greeted the person which i assume was maybe her aunt or her sis, then they pulled over she entered and left not quite long as she left then my uncle came i was so happy seeing my uncle with his wife and my two little cousins came to welcome me to Lagos then he said boy welcome to Lagos, then i put my luggage’s inside the boot of the car then he zoomed off.

While we were going i was peeping through the window then he was just telling me every where in lag we pass through different places i saw the national theatre, national stadium, and many interesting place then he finally reached home, i went to bath eat and joined them to watch maltina dance hall with the family never knew when i slept off then my uncle woke me up to go to my room and sleep.

Woke in the morning all set that day was Sunday i didn’t follow them to church cus i needed rest, due to the travelling things that i went through so i was home alone, then i was reasoning how things will be or look like when i resumed university because i heard the school was very competitive unlike secondary school and all the student ther were highly respected in the society and where one of the best amongst there peers so i was looking forward being one of the best, this was just running through mind. 

Then i decided to explore the street to know how things are going i went in wore my round neck polo with a pair of jean and went to the street, i don’t know any where in the place but na idea i dey us, i even learnt the name of where i stayed was called surulere aguda to be precise.

I passed various street but i don’t know there name seeing different kind of people went to the market and turned around towards nepa junction moving towards brown street, then i entered a street just to go over to my house that was how i missed my house then i had to trace my way down though it was hard , i went back to the market then i asked and told then i was heading back to ayetoro street then they told as i was going i almost got hit by a car then i was like, this man did you wanna kill me then the person scrolled down then i saw it was my uncle i hopped in and he drove me home, he asked what i was looking for i told him i was just exploring the streets he said not yet but soon i will be conversant with the whole area i shouldn’t worry my self.

We went home and he told me more about lagos and told me places and major areas where things happen because my uncle was this flexing type, he asked if i do drink maybe he could take me clubbing i told him no have never tasted alcohol, he laffed and said ok o pastor zeus. We all ate dinner then i went to my room ironed my clothe arranged it just to prepare for school the next day because am going in on an entire new journey that is more complex fun and still competitive because much is expected of me…………………………….welcome to unilag……………..

To Be Continued…

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