Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 2


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I reached home and still wondering what could have fell on ifeoluwa but couldn’t figure out whats exactly the matter, then i decided to ask her the next day, i ate my food as usal went through my books and slept,

The next morning i got to school she was at the front in the assembly line i was at the back cus i was late a bit but still made timing then nafter we were dismissed to our class, we had our lectures as and we were given class work i performed well as usual then by break i walked up to her to inquire whats wrong, she was with her friends they greeted me and i called ifeoluwa she did as if i wasn’t the one calling her, then a friend asked ifeoluwa why she was harshed to her husband then she razed over her friend and said she shouldn’t ever mention such words i was surprised then she left i was just surprised then i sat alone, i was a bit angry and sad at the same time. 

My friends came over and joked with me i just managely talked to them but i wasn’t really in the mood then the teacher entered the class taught a few things and left then i went to her sit and asked her what happened then she gave me the silent treatment, i walked away before we knew it school was over, the girls that came the previous day came again that we should go home together then i told them i had to wait over to do some few things then they left something in my mind strucked me to go to ifeoluwa seat then i saw a sheet of papper that made an inscription of love and she wrote my name and her name and said best lovers ever i was shocked i took it kept it in my bag and went home the next morning i searched for ife oluwa she was no where to be found till the end of the school she wasn’t in school i asked from her friends they said they didn’t see her either, i was so perplexed and mesmerized that i didn’t know what i could do and i said to my self the next day she will surely come.

The next day came same thing happend she wasn’t in school, going to 3,4 weeks she was absent in school, then her mum came to school and told our principal she wouldn’t becoming to school again that they have relocated to another place and she has started a new school there it was another state far from our state which i can vidvidly remember then it looks as if the ground should open up and swallow me up. But i just took it as faith and started rolling with other peeps.

Days rolled by times went by the first term went and i was the over all best in the school for the term i was happy and my parent too was also happy and then it was closed to my birthday so they showered me with gifts.even my friends came to my birthday aishat wasn’t left out i could remember she bought me a belt and a wrist watch which i really appreciated and a loved it. 

It was a good year but still deep down i never forgotten about ifeoluwa that anytime i remembered her am always down and sad, maybe i was already feelings for her, i remembered one day i was checking my note i saw the inscription she did on the papper i began to shed tears but wiped it off and kept it in my clothes don’t know maybe for future references i can never tell but all i knew was that i really missed her especially the day we held hands together, days rolled by the new year was here and the new term was about coming close i had to prepare cus it would be the tougher than other term but i was prepared for it cus one thing i was blessed with was brilliancy twhich helped me through out my school days, so i knew i would be ok during the new term and still maintain my stands as the over all best.

We resumed a new term partially forgotten about Ifeoluwa but the note was still with me then at the long run in the school i met another girl which was in my department she was also good, she sitted next to me but i learnt she was the daughter of the local government chairman and her name was sarah, the first time we talked was during the 2nd term text period that was when we talked because she had problem with maths which i was good at and also solved it for her since then we have been closed friends like ever before we go home together though they will come at pick her at some point, even in school you would see us together not until one day i decided to stay after school to finish up some of my note i could not meet up with because i was the class rep most times m always with the class teacher doing one or two things, then heard my name from the back i noticed it was her voice i turned around with smile she also smile back too the she asked me iwhy i ws still at school then i ex[lained i asked her too she said she was waiting for the driver, then we both talking while i was written suddenly she grabbed my hand and i look up with this kind of imperession that what happening then she said to me have i ever had a girl friend then i said yes many she is even one she now said no she mean some one that i have intimacy for, then i said no have never heard of such before then she told me she loved me and she would like to be my girl friend i was confused as if that wasn’t enough what shocked me and brought me to an entire new world was when she planted a kiss on my lips i was frozen to death that i nevwhat went through my body system low and behold it was my first kiss then she removed her lips and said good bye that her driver was here to pick her, i was confused and surprised because i have never felt like this before then i started wondering what she was up to i couldn’t concentrate again with the note i was writing then i packed my books and left for home.

When i got home i met my bro at home he was already back from school because he was in a university then i was happy seeing him its been a long while i hugged him he came along with his friend though i was hungry mum wasn’t at home but she left some food which i ate then i sat with my bro in the palour micheal, we were discussing then we were jst gisting he told me about his school how university life was it sound interesting then since he was my bro and we were close then i asked him about about what a girl friend was then he was surprised at the question and asked me why i asked then i explained all that appened today between me and sarah, then they both laff then he told me that a girl friend doesn’t really mean a girl which is your friend but a girl which you are intimately friends with that you share a special feelings called love, then he lectured me some more then i now knew what she meant. 

Through out the night i was disturbed by what she said and the kiss she gave me. The next day at school we met as usual with my friends we were gisting and talking some guys were at the back rapping in like professional musicians having dreams to be one while some at one corner where talking about football the inter class competition that will happen the following week in in preparation of the school inter house sport, then sarah showed up greeted everybody she was this shy girl that she love staying alone but she had only a friend so they were together at a sit though she was stealing glances at me, same was i at some point our eyes will catch each others stare. 

Then the teacher walked in every body positioned back to their seats she was at my back then she threw a letter to me telling how she couldn’t sleep and how she was thinking about me all through the night, then i smiled and replied mine too since then we started exchanging letters and our relationship became stronger and we were very close and happy we wrote our exams together when the second term ended she was second behind me i stil maintain my first position, audu was third and that was how we started and that was how i knew love though i had feelings for Ifeoluwa then but sarah has taken my soul to another level then we went for our easter break which lasted just two weeks plus and school resumed again to the final lap of my first year in senior secondary level………

To Be Continued…

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