Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 10


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​“gbam!!!”…….the door slammed this woke zeus up, “bro whats up, wetin dey worry you wey you dey shake like this????” said seun, zeus narrated how it went then seun told him to send her an sms telling her that she was important to him and the other had his academics was astake too but she shouldn’t be worried all will surely be well.

Then the two settled for indomie and egg from the mallam at the junction going out of the street and they retired for the normal night class stuff.

On getting to the class she was sitted along side her friends having little tutorial/ then zeus worked up to her again then she gave him a silent treatment but in her inner mind she kind of wanted him, “what do you want again?” then he sat by her and told her he still deeply love she should just try and understand her and give in.

she then stared into his eyes and ask if he was sure then he said he was, they smied and waked out of the class strolled out to get somethings for the night.

There when they were in the field there sat talked about how things was going be fore they knew things got into another dimension it became a romantic atmosphere.

Kissing and smootching was going on zeus who was kinda shy became expose and forgot totally he was there to read and he even left his best friend. Who cares anyways that’s why they say love surpasses all.

They got into the class jenny friends were all gone and jenny too was kind of feeling drowsy so she retired for the night, zeus had no choice other than to see her off.

He saw her off to the front gate before jenny boarded a cab to her house because needed to go home that night and pick up some things.

Case settled.

She was stuck at home in her mansion, getting set to go to school because she was having test that morning, that was how jenny’s phone rang, it was paul, she picked and they talk little time as she was about going for her keys paul asked if he could come and pick her up to school because he too was having classes that morning jenny agreed, so she sent him her address within 30 min paul at the gate of jenny’s house, she hoped in and they drove all the way to school, so on their way they were having little gist about life, school, and family there paul her he wasn’t married but he was doing a little work of his own as an asst manager in a firm belonging to one of hs uncle that he stays in ikeja g.r.a. from there paul asked jenny if he could pick her up for launch after classes so jenny agreed to the request.

Zeus and seun were not really having test so they settled in one of the eatries to eat, there in zeus realized he hasn’t spoken to jenny that morning so he decided to give her a call but her line wasn’t going, after several trial it was the same thing. So he decided to keep calm, after their meal the pairs decided to head to the department to check jenny out.

After paul classes he went to check on her though the test was over, but she was busy with her friends discussing on how difficult the test was.

Paul walked up to her and called her with his masculine voice, they greeted and told her that he came to pick up for the launch because he needed to rushed down to work to finish checking out some file before the gm wil assess and sign, so she waved her friends good bye.

As the zeus and seun got to the class they didn’t meet jenny, they asked if she was in school that day and they were told she just left now, he has shocked but zeus thought to himself why she had to leave so early even without checking on him, then he just thought maybe it was because she was in a rush…

To be Continued…..

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