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Man Reveals The Strange Reasons Why He Hates Reading The Bible, Nigerians Reacts (Photos)

Chuka a Nigerian Man on Facebook cried out on his Page This Morning revealing his anger with reading the Bible, According to Him, The Specific Verse where Solomon told God to Give Him Wisdom is his major problem, He says he’s angry as to why Solomon will ask for only Wisdom after everything he could ask for.

And his post and been causing mixed reactions see below!

”Every time I’m reading the Bible and I come across the part where God asked Solomon for a wish, I get a surge of anger. Like Flaming vex from the base of my groin. The dude asked for just Wisdom.

Just wisdom? Wisdom to use and do what? Cook the miraculous wonder that is Afang soup?

Then I read ahead to see what he actually achieved with the “Heavenly wisdom” and I’m like “Bruhhhhh, is this book f’ing wih me rii now?” I’m still very disappointed at the dude, ain’t gon lie.

Oh yea he was rich (did he go to heaven with the wealth?) and had 1000 women riding him like a BMX. My people, I present to you things God given wisdom can be used for.

There’s literally so many better things he could have asked for, but homeboy picked “Wisdom”. Then I remember the genre of Literature The Bible falls under and my anger vanishes.

If God asked me now to ask for one thing, I’d ask him to. (This isn’t blasphemy o, It’s a term in Biology called “Stating facts”, If you doubt, open a bible).”

Updated: August 8, 2018 — 12:40 pm

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