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Fayose was never at the scene when the police fired the tear gas

Photos of Injured Governor Fayose addressing Ekiti people at the Government House kikiotolu

According to the Government House sources, Fayose was enjoying himself taking gulder when the incident happened. He was informed that police fired the tear gas when Fayose’s supporters threatened to burst out of the Government House for a street show that was never permitted by the police.

This is not the first time Fayose is acting in this manner. He once organised a fake assassination theory when he asked his security aides to shoot his vehicle on a Lagos bridge to later  ‎claim that assassins sent by the opposition shot at him. In the course of investigation, the security aide that fired the shot confessed that Fayose was acting a stunt.

Do you remember when Fayose set his G-Wagon on fire in Lagos because EFCC agents were on the trail of his car driven by his aides and loaded with hard currency suspected to be proceeds of crimes?

Fayose is a man that will wrap a copy of English dictionary with the back cover of the Holy Bible and use it to swear to con his victims.

Did you see him how he wept when Dr Daramola was assassinated? Do you remember the question he asked ‎from his aides after that weeping session? He asked them: “Did I weep very well that will convince the people that I was innocent?” Do you recall that he did the same when Omolafe Aderiye was assassinated in Ado-Ekiti? Later nko, who was being fingered as Aderiye’s alleged killer?

I can give several other instances where this crook will act this way‎ to deceive the public.

The question we need to ask is: in the crowd of about 1,000 people, how come that it only Fayose that was affected by the fumes of tear gas?

He claimed that his neck was broken. Can tear gas cause a break of the neck?

Now he is saying that he wanted to go to the hospital even though all that he is planning is to escape from Nigeria.

This is pure foolery. I am not one that will fall victim of that shameless lie that a gas fume will cause a man to break his neck, ‎forcing a grandfather to be crying like a baby on television screen.

Sir, listen carefully to the Channels footage of the scene and you will hear a voice in the background complaining that this trick will backfire to scare ordinary PDP members on election day‎. Fayose’s action is a criminal and shameful manipulation of an incident that did not happen.

Fayose should have waited till Saturday for  real weeping sessions after Ekiti people would have finished with him. Shio!

I only pity those who believe in Fayose’s lie for obvious reasons.

Wole Olujobi
Igirabata L’Okun Ekitipanupo

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Updated: July 11, 2018 — 6:58 pm

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