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Easy ways to check whether products are natural & fresh at home

We do not have that much protection against counterfeit products. However, you do need to be protected, especially when choosing products for the New Year dinner party!

Take note of these few simple ways to determine the quality of products at home.

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The shell should be dry, without any mucus. When cut out, the sausage should be juicy, without gray spots.

The spots could be masked with Fuchsine. Slice the sausage and pour some vodka on it. If there’s any fuchsine, the alcohol will turn red.

Canned food

The swelling of the lid / bottom of the can indicates that the product has gone off.

Vegetable oil

The sediment in the bottle indicates that the product has been subject to oxidation. This oil will taste bitter and produce foam when heated.


Melt a piece of butter in warm vodka: if the vodka gets obscure, the butter is fake!


If you drip good fat milk onto your nail, the shape of the drop will not change. A drop of milk diluted with water will change its shape.

Good milk is thick, pure white, while diluted milk is a bluish watery liquid.


Press down on the meat with your finger, if the pit aligns quickly – the meat is good. Fresh meat is almost dry when cut. If the meat has been frozen, heat the knife and pierce the meat – if it is spoiled, there will be an unpleasant smell.


When plunging black pepper into the water, good grains will sink while the bad ones will float up.


Place the fish into a container of water, if it sinks, then it’s fresh. A good fish has smooth, glossy, tightly fitting scales, its eyes are convex, transparent, not white, the gills are bright red, and the belly is not swollen.

Sour cream

The frozen and thawed sour cream becomes lumpy while its serum gets separated.

Cottage cheese

Add some iodine to the curds, and if the area turns blue, it means that there are water-retaining additives in the product.


After brewing a drink, put a slice of lemon into it. If tea instantly acquires a lighter shade, it means that the tea is ok, but if the color does not change – you got a low-grade fake.


The real chocolate breaks with a dry crack and does not goo. The broken surface of high-quality chocolate is matt, while the unbroken bar has a smooth shiny surface.


The quality of an egg can be checked in the bright light. You will see dark spots inside the spoiled eggs.

Pour half a liter of water into a jar and dissolve a tablespoon of salt in it, then place an egg inside. If it sinks to the bottom – the egg is fresh; if it swims in the middle – the egg is relatively fresh; if it floats up the egg is bad.


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Updated: January 19, 2018 — 12:17 pm

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