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E-Money Shot Dead by Police, Even the Charm Around His Waist Failed Him (Photos Included)

His name is Ezenwa Collins. You may also call him E-Money. He hid himself for weeks last year, resurfaced as a wealthy boy, saying he had made some billions in Malaysia.

How everyone longed for Malaysia because of him!

He had a wonderful wedding in November, splendid honeymoon in December, and now shot dead by men of Special Anti-Robbery Squad in January as a simple armed robber cum kidnapper.

His wife now a widow under shameful circumstances two months after marriage. Young men should be smart enough to know the virtue in diligence, the reward in patience and the fringe benefit in failing and trying again.

Even the charms around his waist failed him: It is in the character of Satan to give with one hand and take even more with the other hand.

Credit: Sixtus Okechukwu


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