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Chronicles Of A Wayward Lagos Corper – Searching for “The one”

Chronicles Of A Wayward Lagos Corper - The search for The one

NYSC Chronicles of a wayward Lagos Corper is a story which am sure you are going to enjoy every piece of. This incredible piece was written by waywardpikin (wish I knew his real name).

Enjoy the ride

I stared at my call up letter with a look of shock on my face, shock slowly turning into a huge smile. I had been posted to Lagos – The city of hustlers. The irony of it was that I never chose Lagos as any of my choices. I had chosen Benue, Abia, Kano, and Ogun state, all horrible choices to me.

Fortunately my elder sis had introduced me to this guy who worked her posting for her years back, so it was with plenty fear that I transferred the required sum into his account. I had already told myself that if it was a scam that I would take it like that, after all such is life. This is despite assurances from my sister, whom I trust with my life.

In Lagos, if mugu fall guy-man must chop, and no matter how smart you are you cannot always be a guy-man, sometimes you must be the mugu. But alas, it all worked out! I had already bought all the paraphernalia that I would need for service as far back as November 2016 before realizing that I was one of the unfortunate people that had been relegated to stream 2. At the time it was the most painful thing, and I found myself wondering who I had offended. Thinking back to all my past girlfriends, I was hoping that none of them stripped Unclad in the night to curse me. Cos I had been through a lot prior to this moment; school issues, clearance wahala, inexplicably being exempted from senate list, etc. The thing be like say person swear for me abeg…

So you can imagine my happiness – a whole me, Lagos corper? My bank account was swelling with cash, money that had accrued after hustling over time waka-ing the length and breadth of Lagos. Hell, I almost bought a car. So in the days leading up to when we were supposed to resume at camp, I was literally in cloud nine. As a matter of fact, I was in cloud nine for the full three weeks I spent in camp. Wayward Pikin go show them fire! And you know what, I really did. I showed them hell…
Loneliness had seriously dealt with me for the period I’d spent at home. Not that I couldn’t get a girl to date o, just that I could never find anyone I really liked, and I had also become ensnared in a cat and mouse game with an ex who put herself above all else even her present boyfriend (the poor dude). I kept enduring those periods of loneliness and semi-depression with one thought and one thought only:

‘When I get to camp I’m going to find The One.’

I believed that so much with all my heart, I dunno why. I felt like Ted Mosby from the show How I met Your Mother. So ladies and gentlemen, my name is Wayward Pikin and I’m going to be gisting y’all how I met my super amazing NYSC bae.

In the meantime, guess who couldn’t get over the fact that he was finally a Lagos Corper?

NP – If I start to talk – Tiwa Savage ft Dr. Sid

To be continued soon

Updated: May 18, 2018 — 6:41 pm

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