Can modular smartphones change the world?


Can modular smartphones change the world kikiotolu

The smartphone world is a fast evolving one, and we might just be in for a game changer in industry.

Smartphone users find something new in a flagship device that makes them want to switch the old for new, well modular smartphones want to change that.

What are modular smartphones?

A modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced in a modular design. This aims to reduce electronic waste, lower repair costs and increase user comfort.

The most important component is the main board, to which others (such as cameras or batteries) are attached. These are packaged in easy-to-remove modules which can be replaced as needed without having to rework the soldering. Components could be obtained from open-source hardware stores.

How modular smartphones change the world

For the past few years Motorola has distinguished itself from all the bigger players in the smartphone industry with the radical idea of modular phones that can be altered and upgraded.

One of the few modular smartphones in the world today is the Moto Z series.

You can attach new peripherals to the Moto Z to enhance your old phone with high-end cameras, a game controller, a 70-inch screen projector, and of course, battery extenders and speakers.

Well one of the biggest mod for the Moto Z is coming, and it could be a game changer.

A 2016 device with 5G while 2017 iPhone X stays rooted on 4G

If Motorola does get the upcoming 5G speed working on the Moto Z just as they have promised.

Then we would be having a device released in the year 2016 getting the new innovation while 2017 iPhone X stays rooted on 4G.

With a 5G upgrade, Motorola would be taking on the biggest bottleneck hold up phone technology, and even computers today: Internet bandwidth. The 5G Mod will even allow you to hardwire tether a PC to it, or connect up to 10 devices wirelessly. It’s obvious that Verizon sees 5G as a play, not just for the mobile subscription market, but home internet, too.

That is a coup in its own way.

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