Amazing Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Your Android Smartphone


Amazing Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Your Android Smartphone

Our smartphones are really amazing and might just be smarter than some. We know about the amazing things they can do, from Snapchat, 2go (errorrrrr), video calls, gaming (with VR), there are still more to the functions our Android smartphone can perform. Am cocksure that when you done reading this article you are going to explore some of this amazing features. Let’s begin the tour….

Know your heart health

Want to keep an eye on your heart health, all you need is your smartphone and a small card. To use your smartphone to keep tabs on your heart health, get the Kardia mobile heart monitor (a small card), connect it with your phone and use it to know your EKG, and heart rhythm.

You can use your smartphone to catch fish

I didn’t mean you throw your phone into the river and expect it to bring the fish, please don’t try that. To use your Android smartphone to catch fish all you need to do is a miniaturized sonar called l, Deeper. Add it to your fishing line and send it into the waters, the sonar will emit high-resolution sonar pulses to reveal where the fish are lurking.

Wake up in the perfect way

We all love to wake up in the right way and dream about that scenic morning scene. The good thing is, your Android smartphone can help you achieve just that. With the help of an Android app called, “Alarm for me”, you can set up the perfect wake up song and lots more.

Find metals, even treasures

If you are on a treasure hunt or looking for wires in the wall, you just might not need to break everywhere as your Android smartphone can be of help. There is an app called, “Metal detector”, after installation you can use this app to find metals…..even treasures.

There you have it on this post “Amazing Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Your Android Smartphone.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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