18 Humanity Powerful Pictures Ever Taken -Many Will Break Your Heart


The following list includes some of the most powerful photos ever taken throughout

It was the same tank he passed the entire war throughbut these pictures are powerful By The kind storymedia…

1. Greg Cook reunites with his dog Coco after his home in Alabama was destroyed by a Tornado in March 2012.

2. That Put All Of Our Struggles In Perspective

3. This brave hero finally gets home to her daughter

4. Explore 2000 Refugees, Refugees Entered,

5. Armless Mother Love

6. A journalist runs across a bridge to rescue a baby during the Civil War in 1936.

7. A young man holds his face in the rain in the city of Rangoon. Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar leaving millions homeless and over 1,00,00 dead in May, 2008.

8. Brought Tears To My Eyes.

9. Boy saves her cat during a flood.

10. Do You Respect Mother

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