10 Habits The Average Nigerian Should Let Go Of!

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2017 03 27 20 07 59 530960403 - 10 Habits The Average Nigerian Should Let Go Of!

So, I was in a taxi, at the back seat, alongside other passengers. As we were about to get to the junction where the police are stationed, the driver quickly told the passenger in the front seat to use his seat belt. The driver also put on his, and he drove on. This inspired me to wrote this piece. read on……

1. You are driving. You see the Road safety officials, but that’s when you know you are supposed to put on your seat belt. Are they supposed to be your reminder to using the seatbeat?Are seatbelts not meant for your own safety?

2. You buy new clothes, just because you want to put up pictures on instagram/Facebook pictures ONLY. I thought we buy clothes to adorn ourselves and look beautiful…..

3. You eat out at big restaurants after collecting your salary, and you spend your money on irrelevant items, only for you to soak garri mid-month. My brother, why are you doing this to yourself?

4. Your parents took loan, just to send you to school. You got to the school and joined #bad gang. Why can’t you face your studies and make your parents proud?

5. I am at your stall to buy your goods. We began bargaining. You told me ‘ e no gree’….. only for me to walk some distances, and you start screaming ‘ aunty, come pay.’ Must you stress your customers? #ayam not understanding#

6. You are 16 years old this year, you are 16 years old the following year. In the next 3 years to come, you are still 16. #I can’t keep calm on this.

7. You claim you love her, but pressure her to get down with you. Haba! Haven’t you heard that True love waits?

8. You want to cross to the other side of the road, you started crossing when you saw that the vehicles were not stopping, then you started shouting ‘ please o, don’t crush me o, baba oko mi joor o, abegi o’. Mama, but why? Why can’t you use the bridge?

9. You form ‘tush’ in Lagos, fly Uber and wear designers, but your parent still live in a mud house in the village, and your mother wears torn wrapper. Uncles and aunties, who are you deceiving?

10. You sleep with married men and call it fun. Don’t worry dear, the girls karma would use for you are still in primary 5.

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